It All Has to Start Somewhere

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When was the last time you met someone and immediately asked them when they were born? Unless you’re some sort of automaton and that’s the first question on the list, I would wager you’re not in the habit of collecting birthdays right after the world “Hello.” Similarly you probably don’t really care about someone’s childhood before you know them as an adult. Without the current state you lack the context to appreciate the past.

You don’t disclose your history immediately when you talk to strangers, you start with whatever is relevant at the time and let the interaction evolve from there. Interaction with people doesn’t start with a comprehensive introduction, just a name and a label, then it’s all in medias res from there as you stumble through a conversation. In most cases you have no expectations and have to be ready for anything. Short of global facial identity databases and readily available discrete head mounted computers this is going to be the way social interaction works for the majority of the world.

I’m not going to start breaking that pattern here. We’re going to learn about each other together and we’re going to start in the middle.

I’ve been writing off and on for most of my life. While the bulk of my time is consumed in pursuit of currency to exchange for goods and services, I have rationed off a flake of my limited attention to share some of what I do with the world. Whether this is wise or not, and whether anyone wants anything to do with it, remains to be seen.

As I noted, we are starting in the middle and there is much to be discovered.