Technically Moved

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The problem with over-engineering the technology in your home is that when you move it takes forever to remember how everything was supposed to work together. In July I tore down my various desktop computers, purged any old tech that wasn’t worth packing, and drove out to Denver’s high altitude and dry air to escape the oppressive humidity and heat of Orlando.

We got over a foot of snow yesterday, but I haven’t seen a mosquito yet.

I had intended to keep a semi-regular update schedule as I settled in but I sabotaged myself with some unfortunate choices. This site was previously built with WordPress, then flattened into static files with a plugin and presented via S3 on Amazon Web Services. That being said, when I took down my local copy of this site I locked myself out of updates until I got that system back online. This was expected and I figured I’d have it up an running within a week. Then I ended up re-purposing the hardware due to failures in another system and had nowhere to run the VM.

Rather than continuing to fight with the multi-part update process this requires, I’ve moved back to a temporary server until I can streamline things.

Self-inflicted technical woes aside, working Eastern Time’s 9 to 5 shift from Mountain Time is a significant upheaval to my daily schedule. Factor in the additional work of unpacking and getting into a normal life routine in a new state and I found my writing time severely limited. Things are finally settling after several months, my home lab and other tech is all running nicely, and I’ve been able to dive back in to the novel draft in earnest over the past couple weeks.

I really enjoying getting to the payoff for some of the things I’ve been setting up in the story and feel like this last third is going to wrap up at a decent pace. I’m up in the air about focusing on finishing the novel to the exclusion of other projects, or playing with some of the story ideas I’ve been unable to find time for recently. There will be some new stuff here in the coming weeks one way or the other.