Kludged Singularity Launch Imminent

Kludged Singularity Cover
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I completed the first draft of the novel about a week or so back, but I’ve been too busy with life and revisions to throw out an update post until now. I’m very excited to have the story done and out of my head so I can focus on getting it ready for launch. Right now I’m doing my last read of the novel from start to finish, looking for any large mistakes that made it past the previous rounds of revisions, but the story itself is done and in its final form.

On that note, I’m looking to give away a few advance reader copies of the eBook in exchange for reviews when the book launches, just sign up on the mailing list (one email per month max) below and email me at tony@tonyljoy.com letting me know if you prefer ePub or PDF. Supplies are artificially limited so act fast.

When the book is available for order I’ll be sending out an email blast to the mailing list and an update here as well. Shouldn’t be long now, everything but the final read is complete.

I’m rolling forward on the indie route with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing for both eBook and print on demand trade paperbacks, so when the book launches that’s where you’ll find it. The eBook will be DRM-free so enjoy it on whatever device you like. Future books may have wider distribution, but at this point KDP has a large reach and zero start up costs so it’s hard to justify looking elsewhere.

In other news, I’m cleaning up the site and all the back-end pieces that have been neglected over the next week or so. If anything seems amiss feel free to let me know on your platform of choice.