Rebuilding Momentum

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Here’s a little bit of positivity to to distract from the current COVID-19 doom and gloom. With my first novel complete and available for purchase, I’m in the process of building up momentum on new projects. I’ll be keeping the Current Projects page updated as I make incremental progress.

Kludged Singularity: Countdown (Book 2)

Kludged Singularity is currently a standalone book, but I made sure to leave the world large enough to support continuation. The book ended up being twenty percent longer than I intended because I felt the need to tell a complete story while still setting the stage for future action. I’ve completed outlining and begun chipping away at the first draft of the next book already.

As I’d found in the first book, and in various abandoned projects, the beginning of a book is the hardest part to draft out. I’m having fun exploring things I didn’t have space for in the first book, and I’m excited to get the story moving, but I don’t think I’m going to hit my stride on consistent progress for another few chapters.

Kludged Singularity Audiobook

My own reading preference has shifted from physical book, to eBook, to audiobook over the years, and I know I’m not alone in that. It’s extremely convenient to be able to listen to a book while driving or knocking out mundane chores.

I’ll be recording Kludged Singularity as time permits. I can make no promises or estimates on the timeframe. I intend to get it distributed on Amazon/Audible which means it’ll have to pass their quality standards, so you know it will be a quality product when completed.

LitRPG Novel

I’ve been reading LitRPG for a while now, since I stopped raiding in World of Warcraft a couple years back to be specific, and love the framework for storytelling. I have the initial outlining in place, along with the character spreadsheet template and combat system, so I’m just needing to pin down the characters and classes before I can start moving the pieces around in the plot.

I’m likely going to write this alongside Kludged Singularity: Countdown because I know my writing pace suffered on the first novel without a secondary project. I got some of the best progress in the book right after finishing some short stories, something about moving between projects keeps the experience of writing feeling fresh.

Staying Updated

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