Launch Date and Cover Reveal – Forge of Eternity: Alpha Testing

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After most of a year (and what a year 2020 was) I finally put the finishing touches on my next book, launching April 14th, 2021. The story sprawled past my initial estimates, ending up at about 170,000 words of fantasy LitRPG MMO insanity in order to accommodate all the story I wanted to pack in the first book for this series. The eBook pre-order is up on Amazon, hardcover and paperback don’t have preorder availability yet but if you sign up on my mailing list (or follow this blog) I’ll let you know when they’re live.

If early access to the eBook in exchange for an honest review appeals to you, let me know and I’ll send you a link if there’s seats left to for an Advance Review Copy. All you have to do is read it and put in a review up on Amazon (optionally Goodreads too) on or before April 14th.

Uploading his mind to the most hyped MMO in history, Forge of Eternity, sounded like a good idea at the time.

Forge of Eternity needs dedicated players to populate the world and add variety before the open beta test, living in the game full time. Deacon is ready for immortality and all the pleasures of a fantasy game hero: a care-free life of questing, loot, and power. Dropping into a backwater town, he is made painfully aware of the fact that power must be earned in this world. A timed quest insists he make something of himself or become a commoner with no powers, and no access to the respawn mechanic.

Teaming up with Amalie, a player with insider knowledge, Deacon has until the end of the alpha testing period to secure his place in the world. Two weeks is plenty of time, right? When the quests start getting weird, they realize they may be stumbling into events that will catalyze this new world’s main conflict. This could be just what they need, if they can survive.

For fans of crunchy LitRPG and GameLit who like their characters challenged and aren’t seeking harem elements.