Disillusionist: Deceived – A “Forge of Eternity” Short

Reading Time: < 1 minute
Forge of Eternity: Alpha Testing is only a couple weeks away from release, but for those of you who want an early look at the world I'm happy to present a free teaser short story!

Set before the events of the book, the Disillusionist follows a character we'll be seeing again in Alpha Testing and in future books.

The book is free to download on Kobo. For the time being it's $0.99 on Amazon because, well, Amazon. You can also add it to your list Goodreads if you don't want to pick it up right away.

Disillusionist Deceived Cover

Dean craves magic and power, going so far as to upload his mind into the latest cutting-edge fantasy MMO to get it.

Kicked out of Forge of Eternity’s character creation process for wasting time, he’s offered a quick path to power and jumps on the opportunity. Negotiating with malevolent gods on his first day in the game? No way this could backfire!

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