Disillusionist – Fetch Quests and Bog Gods

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Another year, another book launch!

One of my goals with doing serialized fiction was making sure the end product was polished enough to package as a book at the end of each story arc. Disillusionist, The LitRPG Misadventures: Fetch Quests and Bog Gods is available for pre-order on Amazon and launching on January 18th, 2022! If you were waiting for a completed story before jumping in, your wait is almost over.

Disillusionist, The LitRPG Misadventures: Fetch Quests and Bog Gods - Cover

What’s the smart move when playing a support class mage with no offensive magic to speak of? Undertake a solo adventure in a monster infested bog of course! Who needs a well-rounded party when you have second-hand daggers, illusions, and flexible morals?

Dean, probably, but he’s not about to admit that.

The last adventurer sent to the Pitmerdan bog for some routine fantasy-world community service failed to complete their quest, so now Dean’s goddess has made it his problem. Spending days in a backwater bog town isn’t Dean’s idea of fun in the first place, with its stinking cold waters and lack of creature comforts. Even the quest-giver seems to think this is some sort of hazing from Dean’s faction.

What started out as an unpleasant fetch quest becomes a nearly impossible struggle for control when Dean finds himself at odds with everyone who was supposed to support him and the forces of a lesser deity. He’ll surely be able to thwart their plans with his ability to produce convincing illusions that cause absolutely no damage. Taking into account his allies, the alcoholic alchemist and a tavern maid, he’s got this in the bag.