Amanja Reads Too Much: Kludged Singularity

Before I get throw too many words at this post for the summary to include it, check out Amanja's Spoiler Free and Spoiler Full reviews of Kludged Singularity. I started following book blogs in February when seeking our reviewers for Kludged Singularity, which is a whole other post in the works. I've pruned … Continue reading Amanja Reads Too Much: Kludged Singularity

Rebuilding Momentum

Here's a little bit of positivity to to distract from the current COVID-19 doom and gloom. With my first novel complete and available for purchase, I'm in the process of building up momentum on new projects. I'll be keeping the Current Projects page updated as I make incremental progress. Kludged Singularity: Countdown (Book 2) Kludged … Continue reading Rebuilding Momentum